Sell My VW

Get a valuation for your VW Tiguan, Touareg, Transporter or Camper

Have you recently been thinking to yourself “I’d like to sell my VW, but I don’t want to deal with the hassle, get messed around or ripped off”?

Then the service we offer here at WeBuy4x4, is what you need.

We understand your frustrations with the private car market and dealers and have endeavoured to make the whole process of selling your Volkswagen easier than it ever has been.

vw tiguan valuation in showroom

You are probably aware of the disappointing stories involving unscrupulous dealers and buyers who offer to take cars off the owner’s hands for insultingly low prices.

That is not what you will get with WeBuy4x4, though, as we believe in offering only the fairest and best price for your 4x4 or SUV as well as making selling your vehicle convenient.

All it takes is three simple steps to sell your Volkswagen:

1) Obtain Your Own Free Online Vehicle Valuation for Your Volkswagen

Whether you came to our site because you searched for “Sell my VW Transporter”, “Sell my VW Touareg”, “Sell my VW Tiguan” or “Sell my VW Camper”, all you need to do is type your Volkswagen registration number into the yellow plate at the bottom of the page.

2) We will provide you with your unique valuation

We won’t treat your Volkswagen like any other car, your quote will be tailored to your vehicle.

3) Like the sound of the offer? Click to agree and we will collect your Volkswagen, wherever you are!

If you are happy with the quote you receive, all you need to do is click to agree and tell us where you would like us to collect your car from and we will deal with everything else. We will also arrange to pick up your vehicle when it is convenient for you.

It is as simple as that.

We have a real passion for big cars and are especially avid VW buyers, and every unique aspect of your car will be taken into consideration when we perform our valuation and receive a quote.

That means you are guaranteed that the quote you will receive is reasonable and a fair representation of your car’s true value.

There has been a lot of bad press around the online car market. However, unlike our competitors, the price we quote you will remain the same and will not change.

We are proud of the reputation we have and our integrity.

There is absolutely nothing you need to worry about when you sell your volkswagen to us.

Which Volkswagen Models will we buy?

We will happily buy just about any Volkswagen model from you, but the most common vehicles we tend to sell includes but is not limited to:

  • VW Transporter - Based on the car manufacturer’s T platform, the Transporter van line is now on its 6th generation.
  • VW Touareg - A mid-sized luxury SUV produced by the company since 2002. The name is inspired by the nomadic people who inhabit the North African area of the Sahara.
  • VW Tiguan - A CUV or compact crossover vehicle first introduced back in 2007 and has had 2 generations of models. It was reported in spring 2020 that 6,000,000 vehicles had been sold, making it the best-selling Volkswagen car, as well as Europe’s best-selling SUV.
  • VW Camper - For many the quintessential campervan, the Volkswagen Camper, began as a Volkswagen Type 2 conversion and then Type 2 (T3) conversion and was sold from the 1950s to 2003.


If your model of Volkswagen is not listed, don’t worry as it is likely we will still buy it from you if it is a prestige, luxury or unique/super car variation.

Pop your registration in the space towards the bottom and we will get a quote to you. The best part is, if you agree to our quote, we'll pick up your Volkswagen at your convenience! (UK only, postcode restrictions) 

One thing we want to highlight is when you sell your VW through us, your Volkswagen valuation is carried out by experts who love cars. We do not use algorithms.

If you have any questions related to selling your VW, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will help you out.